Share Content,
Not Headlines

Are you on the internet? Read a lot? Share a lot?

There is a moment when you find an inspiring piece of content and feel inclined to share it. But if you are like us, you find that share buttons are cumbersome, and that on most publishing platforms the ability to share what enlightened you is an afterthought.

And that’s a problem.

Sharing ideas should be seamless. It should feel as smooth, easy and rewarding as sending out your first tweet.

And what you share should also look good. You want it to be beautiful and engaging. You want it to be inspiring. You want it to have a soul.

And most importantly, you want people to talk about it. Because it matters to you.

Because it matters to us.

So that’s why we are building something special and thoughtful. Something that reflects the way we read and share. Something that highlights our individuality and taps into our creativity. We hope you will join us when it’s ready.

— Your friends @textpressco